Exchange 2013 Server Component State Inactive

I came across a problem recently with an Exchange 2013 server component showing as inactive which had me puzzled for a while, but in the end was an easy fix.


The Exchange 2013 server OWAProxy component showing as inactive.  Further, running the Set-ServerComponentState to change the component state to active had no affect




In my case, the issue was due to the interaction between States & Requesters as described in this blog

The process to bring a component back active is to run the following command

Set-servercomponent –COMPONENT OwaProxy –IDENTITY servername –REQUESTER maintenance –STATE Active

I’m my case I used the “maintenance” requester in my command as I suspected the server in question had been put into maintence recently.  However, this was not working for me.

After a bit of digging around, I came across this blog  from The Exhange Team which described how a server component must be made active using the same “requester” that was used to make it inactive.

I had no idea which requester was used in my case.  However, as there are only 5:

  • HealthAPI
  • Maintenance
  • Sidelined
  • Functional
  • Deployment

I ran the set-servercomponent command using each until I discovered that it was the HealthAPI requester that was used in my case.


Ran set-servercomponent using the HealthAPI requester

Set-servercomponent –COMPONENT OwaProxy –IDENTITY servername –REQUESTER HealthAPI –STATE Active




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